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Installing G.729 / G.723 / Speex Codecs
SYMPTOMS You are looking to install one or more of the following codecs for your Asterisk...
Views: 9139
Voicemail messages are not saving
SYMPTOMS Voicemail is not being saved to the Asterisk spool directory for one or more...
Views: 6783
Changing Webmin Password(s)
SYMPTOMS You cannot login to Webmin You forgot your Webmin password SOLUTIONYou can...
Views: 6414
How do I install Asterisk 1.4.X in a Standard OS VPS?
SYMPTOMS You are looking to install Asterisk 1.4.X in your standard OS VPS, but have the...
Views: 5254
Removing Asterisk Call Recordings
SYMPTOMS Too many old call recordings Running out of disk space due to call recordings...
Views: 4645

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