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Adding FTP accounts
SYMPTOMS Cannot login via FTP Need to add an FTP user FTP services are not...
Views: 8702
Change Password Algorithm
SYMPTOMS SSH login only requires first eight (8) characters of the password htaccess...
Views: 3118
Changing the IP address in PBX installations
This entry is intended to provide information on additional configuration changes that may be...
Views: 4207
Changing Webmin Password(s)
SYMPTOMS You cannot login to Webmin You forgot your Webmin password SOLUTIONYou can...
Views: 14680
How do I change the timezone on my virtual private server?
SYMPTOMS The time on your virtual private server is incorrect. SOLUTIONBy default, your...
Views: 5656
HTTP Authentication - IP-PBX Distributions
IP-PBX distributions (Elastix, PBX in a Flash, AsteriskNow, Trixbox, et.al.) are configured with...
Views: 3483

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