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Changing the IP address in PBX installations

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This entry is intended to provide information on additional configuration changes that may be involved when changing the assigned IP address of certain PBX operating systems based on the free PBX panel.  Exact details and menu locations may vary from version to version of the PBX panel, but follow the same general procedure.

Quick Links:
External SIP IP
Endpoint / TFTP IP
Phone SIP Server IP
Phone TFTP Server IP

PBX Server

Settings -> Asterisk SIP Settings :: Chan SIP Settings /External IP
The External IP setting is only visible if the "" parameter is set to "Static IP".  Generally the correct configuration is NAT=no, IP Configuration=Public IP (external IP not set).

Settings -> Endpoint Manager :: Global Settings / External Address

Local Phones

Phone configurations will vary by manufacturer and model; it is best to consult the documentation for your specific phone(s).  Below are examples of settings that may beed updated showing Polycom phones.  If you are using TFTP provisioning, you will only need to set the TFTP IP address, the SIP server and outbound proxy settings will be acquired automatically from the TFTP provisioning server.  Otherwise, the SIP server and outbound proxy settings need set explcitely.

SIP Server and Outbound Proxy IP

TFTP Server IP

If you have questions regarding your specific Hosted PBX platform or hardware, please open a support ticket in the Customer Portal (https://customer.lylix.net/).

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